18/07/2014 – 25/07/2014

Peace in Practice, Istanboel, Turkije

Voor een training van onze partnerorganisatie TOG in Turkije zijn we op zoek naar 2 deelnemers. Je reiskosten worden voor 70% vergoed en je verblijf, inclusief eten en drinken, is helemaal gratis! Kijk voor alle informatie in de bijgevoegde informatie op deze pagina.

Het project getiteld ‘Peace in Practice’, vindt plaats in Istanboel, Turkije, van 18 tot 25 juli. Het project nodigt deelnemers uit om via non-formele educatie na te denken over vrede. Alle doelstellingen zijn te vinden in de bijgevoegde informatie op deze pagina.

Dit project brengt deelnemers uit zowel Europa als de Kaukasus samen. Een unieke mogelijkheid dus om nieuwe mensen te leren kennen uit veel verschillende landen en je horizon te verbreden!

De deadline om je aan te melden is 9 mei.. Grijp je kans en meld je aan via het application form.

Voor vragen of aanvullende informatie kan je contact opnemen met Deanne (deanneviddekinge@gmail.com)



06/05/2014 – 14/07/2014

Freestyle Facilitation

Voor een training in België zijn we op zoek naar deelnemers! Het gaat om een training welke erop is gericht jonge mensen vaardigheden aan te leren om zelf een goed project op te zetten.

Wil jij leren hoe je een goed project in elkaar kunt zetten? Wil jij leren hoe je jongeren het beste kunt bereiken? Dan is dit project wellicht iets voor jou!

Het project loopt van 6 tot en met 14 mei in België, de exacte locatie wordt zo snel mogelijk bekend gemaakt. 70% van je reiskosten worden bovendien vergoed, en je verblijf (inclusief eten, drinken en overnachtingen) zijn helemaal gratis.

fsf_2014_call_for participants (2) (1)


Aanmelden kan tot en met 30 maart, dus aarzel niet en meldt je aan!

31/03/2014 – 08/04/2014

Developing You!

Summary of the project

The activity “Transforming problems into solutions; developing social entrepreneurship skills for supporting young’s people autonomy and combating exclusion” is consisted of a 7 day training course which will take place in Italy, in April 2014. The training course will target unemployed young people from all over Europe and neighbouring countries and will enhance their skills regarding social entrepreneurship as a means to transit to labour market and solve social problems.

The idea

Observing the region of Europe, two major problems are encountered among young people: a high rate of educated but unemployed youth and on the other hand social exclusion, discrimination and lack of access to human rights threatens society and especially vulnerable groups.

The proposed training course intends to combine these two problems and transform them into the solution; social entrepreneurship.


The main objectives are:

- To explore current situation regarding unemployment and social exclusion and the link between them;

- To work with the social entrepreneurship principles;

- To create the strategic plan of their social entrepreneurship initiative.

YEU Developing YOU call for participants

31/03/2014 – 08/04/2014

Open Campus. Getting online for Advocay

The project aims at:

  •  Raising awareness on social inclusion among young people and develop their competences of those willing to work on social inclusion and marginalization
  • To increase participation of young people for advocacy on social rights for equal opportunities and inclusion
  •  To provide knowledge and skills for young people on advocacy and policy making
  •  To increase the involvement of non-organized youth and youth with different backgrounds by using new media and social networking
  •  To provide a space for young people to express themselves and reflect their ideas, opinions, experiences particularly on social inclusion and social rights

OPEN CAMPUS_Call for participants_Poland[1]

22/03/2014 – 30/03/2014

It’s up to you(th): empowering youth through Theatre of the Oppressed

Summary of the project

Training course ”It’s up TO You(th)! – empowering youth through Theatre of the Oppressed” aims to promote Theatre Forum method in youth work. Theatre of the Oppressed is powerfull tool to activate youth and create space for social dialogue. This process allows participants develop social skills, communicational skills and definitely support personal development in areas
like: selfexpression, selfawarness, buidling self-esteem, self-confidence, entreprenuership.
During the project participants explore Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal’s concept. They will experience how Forum Theatre provokes social dialogue in the society and opens space for looking for startegies and solutions for existing oppressions. Encounters of the course will discuss existing youth realities in their communities. Participants will learn the Forum Theatre method as an innovative tool to create space for youth expression, development and social dialogue. Activities during the training give a chance to experience the compelxity of this process: starting with some theory, demechanisation exercises, building the scenario based on the Image theatre and Improvisation theatre techniques.
Participants will have a unique oppportunity to show prepared interactive performance for the teenage spectators. With designed process participants will understand what is the oppression in youth reality and what are the possible strategies how to deal with them. In that way youth workers will learn very practical tool to empower youth. Besides participants have an opportunity to exchange good practices and share their knowledge and skills from the area of youth work. At the end of the course participants will plan the follow up and ways how they are going to use forum theatre working with youth in their local communities.


Aplication form_Its up to You(th)

call for participants_it’s up TO YOU(th)!